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Seeker of problems

Whatever my title may be, I help businesses implement software solutions and scale to their customer needs


Software Developer


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October 2018 - Present

System Analyst

American Electric Power

When an issue ticket got complex it'd arrived at the final tier of support to be resolved. Thus, I wore two hats: development, and support. I analyzed bug causing issues in call center applications ranging from modern .Net and Java apps to mainframe routines. And to prevent further bugs in the future, I implemented enhancements to alleviate further service requests.

September 2017 - October 2018

IAM Access Coordinator

Alliance Data Retail Systems

As the gatekeeper to the metaphorical pearly gates, also better known as our corporate role management; Just like the transcendence from purgatory to heaven, all associates had to work with us to make their role transition complete. Hyperbole aside, my responsibility was provisioning users with proper access through our internal applications, Active Directory entitlements on their accounts, and provisioning mainframe permissions. Also, decreased the workload on the team by implementing automated solutions such as Powershell scripts and macro tools.

August 2015 - January 2017


Tech Elevator

Certificate Of Completion
.Net Development Track
May 2017 - August 2017

Ohio University

Bachelor of Science
Exercise Physiology
September 2009 - June 2013

Skills & Projects

Programming Languages & Tools
  • T By Daniel

    A lovely ecommerce site about tea and other cute things. Worked together with the business to customize the shopify theme for creating navigation and branding.


When I'm not in front of the computer screen, I spend my time running the trails at my local park. I'm an avid runner who spends time preparing for half-marathons. Fitness is important to me and I'm a big fan of health and wellness literature. However, helping others learn about software development through collabration is just as important to me. I help run a FreeCodeCamp group in the city of Columbus.

When the air gets colder and the weather doesn't permit, I like to expand my creativity in non-programming ways. Playing games that involve building or accomplishing a long-term mission is my choice of activity, whether it's shaping a virtual world in hardcore mode in Minecraft or engaging in a long-term engagement in a military simulator.

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